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Ways for Every Homeowner to Upgrade to a Smart Home

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If it seems like there is a new tech product or gadget being released every day then it’s because there is! The technology sector is releasing a record number of gadgets for consumers of all types to enjoy.


One of the themes which are more common amongst current tech gadget trends is smart gadgets. In particular, smart gadgets which are connected to and controlled by some form of a smart home hub.


If this sounds like the future and you want in, below are some easy ways you can upgrade your home, today!


Smart Lighting

That’s right – smart lighting! Gone are the days of a simple on and off switch, and welcome to the days or dimming form the comfort of your lounge chair, your bedroom, or even your work! Smart lights connect to your existing WIFI network, giving them not only access to the internet but also to your local network, making them easy and quick to control from a mobile device or even from your work computer.


If you feel like taking your lighting to another level, look at smart lights which can display different colors and tones. This can be a great idea for a movie room or for a bedroom to help create a more ambient lighting display.


A Smart Lock

Do you find that you always seem to have your phone with you, but never your keys? You always have to run back into the house to get them, but luckily you remembered your phone to light the way!


What if you didn’t need keys and you only needed your phone? This is exactly how a smart lock works. Utilizing your phone’s connections and sensors, smart locks can be programmed unlock as soon as you arrive at the door. Even better, you can provide temporary keys to your friends and family members to use at times during the week and day which you set and control!


Robot Vacuum

smart lightingYes, these devices have been around for a while, but they were never at the level where they could replace a regular vacuum cleaner. However, with the advances in technology, modern robot vacuums are not only able to rival their upright counterparts, they also include numerous levels of technology, such as connectivity to a smart hub along with mapping your home with artificial intelligence to ensure a better clean each time.


Voice Control

Of course, what’s better than operating all of these devices with your phone? Operating them with your voice!!! Alexa, bring up the Groupon Coupons page for Dollar Car Rental. Hey, Google, dim the lights by 50 percent. Siri, how long until my food arrives? With a voice-activated smart hub, all of these devices can be connected and controlled by your voice.


With an always-on feature, these devices require absolutely no physical interaction to activate or operate, leaving you able to walk around your new smart home seemingly talking to yourself and controlling everything that happens around you!