LED Boat Lights Hype and Reality

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When you own a boat today, you will hear lots of good things about LED lights. One of the good things you will heard is that it will minimize electricity consumption, and also you don’t have to worry in changing your boat lights more often. All of this is true, but still there are lots of thing you need to know about LED lights. Without a doubt, the LED bulb is more efficient than traditional light bulbs, it produces 60 to 100 lumens per watt than some other bulbs. In saving electricity, it is connected on how you consume power lighting. So, in order to see good improvement, it is necessary to upgrade some light fixtures. Another reason why LED bulbs today are popular on the market – it is because of their extremely long operating life. Most of the LED lights have an average lifespan around 50,000 hours, and some LED fixtures are rated much higher. Other boat lights bulb with high power fixture have a slightly shorter operational life just like the halogen bulb, they produce too much heat that result in being damaged easily, but in LED lights, they also producing heat, but only around 20%. They say that when you use LED bulb for lighting on your boat, you will be often to change it, but it depends on how you will use your boat lightings. If you use it limited times, then you can be sure that your LED boat lighting will last for several years. By maintaining your LED boat lights properly, installing it in the right place, you are rest assure that it is more cost effective in using the LED bulb than a traditional bulb.

Another thing that is ensuring that LEDs are gaining lots of attention for boat lighting is the durability that they have. LED bulbs are not the same as a typical light bulb that is made of glass and metal, with a thin wire filament inside that produces the light of a halogen bulb. That kind of bulb is easily to break and if the filament is handling roughly it will break and a bulb cannot produce light anymore and resulting to being broken. With LED lights, it is a totally different situation. LEDs are built more like a piece of circuitry rather than a traditional light bulb. However, it doesn’t mean that LED bulbs are unbreakable or can’t be damaged.  It can still be damaged if you expose the LED bulbs to repeated vibration or impacts which will  reduce the LED bulb’s lifespan.

Even though LED bulbs are gaining more popularity on the market for boat lighting, some boaters and fishermen are still using the traditional light bulb because of the cheaper price. Come to think of it that it is more cost effective in buying an LED bulbs rather that the traditional light bulb, because you don’t have to replace it more often. You can use it much longer, unlike the traditional light bulb that you need to replace more often because it breaks easily.

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