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LED Boat Dock Lights for Nighttime Illumination

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Importance of Boat Dock Lights

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Marine docks need constant illumination, in order to sustain operations at night. Some commercial docks operate after hours, typically catering to fishing boats that sell fresh seafood early in the morning. In addition to boats, these locations are filled with delivery trucks, people, forklifts and cargo.

Find out what type of LED boat dock lights such locations need and how illumination can increase productivity in commercial establishments near the water.

LED High Bay and String Lights

Busy docks with delivery bays, as well as attached cargo processing and storage facilities can benefit from LED high bay lights. The luminaries are suitable for elevated lighting, roughly 15+ feet above the ground. From an elevated position, high bay lights are able to project beams in wide configurations. LED boat dock lights must be corrosion resistant, even if the cargo facility isn’t directly exposed to saltwater. This is because cargo, trucks and strong winds can bring corrosive agents, including saltwater, into the building – where it can damage the units.

Moreover, LED boat dock lights should be waterproof to prevent the ingress of liquids from destroying the luminaries. For marine locations that experience intermittent activity, motion sensors can help minimize energy consumption. See more.

For marine-based warehouses and storage units, LED string lights are capable of providing consistent illumination without taking up a lot of space. Unlike commercial office buildings, industrial warehouses don’t usually have ceilings or suitable places for mounting luminaries. String lights address this issue by offering versatile mounting options, such as attachments to scaffoldings, hooks, crevices, poles and more. Units with C-hooks at the head of the lamps allow workers to attach the light quickly and safely with minimal effort. String lights can also be equipped with numerous lamps and various cord lengths for a complete lighting system.

Portable Lighting Systems

Marine boat docks aren’t busy all of the time. Peak periods vary, depending on what the location is being used for. During the afternoon, fish deliveries are scarce, allowing commercial projects to commence (if the dock is being used for multiple purposes). Because of this, some businesses use portable lighting equipment for temporary illumination when the dock gets busy.

The lights could be telescoping towers mounted in the back of trucks, luminaries on tripods and etc. For LED boat dock lights that don’t have access to a mainstream power source, battery-powered models could help sustain illumination during the peak period. For seamless transportation, portable luminaries for marine environments may come with wheels and should be foldable or retractable (for light towers). This can streamline storage when the lights are not being used. ckeck site: