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Floating vs Submersible LED Lights for Nighttime Fishing

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New advancements in outdoor lighting technology have made nighttime fishing trips more exciting and advantageous. With the use of a green light to attract large fish (by luring plankton to the surface), anglers can exponentially improve their chances of encountering a big catch. When it comes to types of LED lights used for nighttime fishing, the three main options include the following: LED spotlights, LED floating lights or Submersible LED lights.

LED Floating Lights

LED floating lights are compact lanterns that emit a bright, green beam in wide angles, sometimes offering full, 360-degree illumination. The lamps are designed to attract small fish close to the boat, eventually attracting hungry, larger fish swimming around at the bottom of the water.

Previously, LED lanterns with makeshift Styrofoam pads were used for such applications. These days, hollow floating components are mostly utilized by anglers. Furthermore, the units are typically wireless and battery-powered; though the lamps could also be powered by alligator clips or a standard 12V plug. To prevent the lamp from floating away, most individuals include a tether, which also allows the fixture to move in the general direction of the boat.

Submersible LED Lights

LED submersible lamps are equipped with weights to facilitate sinking. Some models come with attachments for additional weights, for deeper positioning underwater. A slim, portable LED submersible fixture should be positioned roughly three feet in the water. Moreover, for large boats, two or three units can be applied for wide coverage. Three to four feet of spacing is recommended for minimal overlapping.

It is important to highlight that large fish will not come up directly to the green light. They usually swim around the coverage of the lamp to feed on plankton. Because of this, one should cast his or her line slightly below the beam coverage of the LED submersible lamps. Lastly, the fixtures are ideal for deterring the buildup of insects on the surface of the water.