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Benefits of Solar LED Lights for Floating Docks

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Over the years, floating docks have become top choice for boating and water sports enthusiasts. Compared to a fixed dock, a floating platform comes with a myriad of advantages.

Floating docks are easily configurable, allowing individuals to expand or decrease the available floor space on the platform using modular components. Moreover, this type of dock is less prone to getting submerged during a storm or high-water conditions.

Solar LED Lights for Docks

Like fixed docks, floating docks also requires illumination for safety. Solar LED fixtures are perfect for this type of dock, as owners would not have to worry about wiring connections to a land-based power source.

For instance, solar LED beacons or strobe lights can be installed at the corners of the platform to mark the perimeter. A battery-powered and wireless variant (in addition to solar) does not call for around-the-clock maintenance and can be left alone to operate.

Individuals may also setup solar-powered LED floating lamps around the dock for activities around the platform. Such lighting options are ideal for jet skis and fishing around the dock.

Maintenance and Considerations

A major advantage of floating docks is that the platform can be stored in a safe location during a heavy storm or icy conditions. To prevent damage during hauling and storage, LED dock lights with portable mounting features are preferred over permanent LED dock lights. Examples of convenient mounting components for LED lamps include the following: magnets, hooks and clips.

It is important to consider that electrical and power systems on floating docks are less likely to fail prematurely (compared to similar systems on fixed docks), because the units are not submerged. Due to space limitations on a floating dock, it would be possible to incorporate lights with essential dock accessories, such as a solar LED cleat light.