Benefits of Fishing with Ultraviolet Lights

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With limited visibility due to crippling darkness, fishing at night can be difficult without the right lighting equipment. Despite the challenges that anglers have during such activities, fishing after sunset comes with several advantages. Some individuals like to use green LED Ultraviolet Lights, which can be submersible (and waterproof), to attract zooplankton to the surface near the boat, causing large fish to feed. Another type of light that is useful for nighttime fishing is a black (ultraviolet) light.

Improving Visibility and Detection

Black lights are not used like standard white fixtures for illumination. Instead, the units highlight specific equipment that reacts to the light bands. For example, a fishing line, lure or tip of the fishing rod may be highlighted to prevent accidental tangling or contact. The lights can also help maintain darkness better than colored lamps.

On the water, the subtleness of the fixture improves the detection of movement. It is important to consider that such fixtures will only highlight equipment with ‘fluorescent’ glow features.

UV LED Ultraviolet Lights for Fishing

The type of UV light that is suitable for nighttime fishing is one that is portable, low voltage and sturdy. For wide coverage over the water and boat, a UV lamp that emits a flood beam pattern is recommended. Spotlights are particularly useful for detecting casted lines out in the water.

For hands-free operation, one could also mount the UV LED lamp on the side of the boat (preferably the side where lines are casted). Alternatively, it would be possible to install the lights on the side of the dock.

UV LEDs, compared to UV fluorescent lamps, are ideal for marine applications, due to their extremely rugged builds. The units also come with a 50,000+ hour lifespan, which reduces the need for maintenance and replacement over long periods of use.

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